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Embracing digital inclusivity in local government: overcoming fears and enhancing citizen services​

Local authorities are faced with the dual challenge of adopting innovative technologies while ensuring that these advancements are inclusive and beneficial to all members of the community. The overarching theme of this event, “Embracing digital inclusivity in local government: overcoming fears and enhancing citizen services” aims to address these critical issues head-on. Digital inclusivity is not just about providing access to technology; it is about ensuring that all citizens, regardless of their background or technological proficiency, can benefit from digital advancements.


This event will explore strategies to bridge the digital divide, focusing on engaging diverse community groups and addressing digital literacy gaps. By making digital transformation inclusive, we can ensure that no one is left behind and that every citizen has a voice in shaping the future of local government services. Despite the potential benefits, many within local government and the communities they serve remain hesitant about embracing digital technologies. This fear stems from various sources, including a lack of trust, limited understanding of new technologies, and concerns about data security. Throughout the event, we will address these fears by showcasing successful examples of digital transformation, providing practical advice on building trust, and offering support for those who feel “analogue” in a digital world.

Get a feel for the event in action
Get a feel for the event in action




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