LGPN Conference

Supporting collaboration & innovation in government

As we recover from the pandemic and grapple with a cost-of-living crisis, now more than ever, local authorities need to be thinking innovatively, creatively, and ambitiously about how they can make a difference to everyday lives and communities they serve. Fundamental decisions must be taken now about the shape, resource, and powers local will need to continue to lead their areas, the wider system and deliver on levelling up. 


The coming of OFLOG is an opportunity for central government to recognise how significant local councils have been in the last few years and the vital role they play in the economic and social recovery of the country. We ask, what should progressive twenty-first century public service look like? What innovative and alternative ways of doing things are being adopted today and what skillsets will be needed in our future leaders and workforce?


LGPN exists to provide a safe environment for open and honest discussion, to define the changes needed to ensure that councils are empowered to lead the recovery deliver social renewal and remain relevant in 2023. Local government recognises the need for change, now is the time to capitalise on the future of local government. Join us in November as we explore how…