• Mel Barrett

    Chief Executive Officer
    Nottingham City Council

  • Larissa Reed

    Chief Executive Officer
    Swale Borough Council

  • Daniel Mouawad

    Chief Executive Officer
    Spelthorne Borough Council

  • Jayne Glasgow

    Chief Digital Information Officer
    Leicestershire County Council

  • Cheryl Doran

    CIO & Assistant Director of IT and Digital
    Birmingham City Council

  • Dione Corradine

    Chief Strategy Officer
    City of London Corporation

  • Jamaila Hussain

    Corporate Director of Adults and Integration
    City of York Council

  • Chris Thompson

    Director of IT
    Northumberland County Council

  • Alison Hughes

    Assistant Director ICT Digital and Customer
    Liverpool City Council

  • Martin Chalmers

    Chief Digital Information Officer
    Reading Borough Council

  • Mike Kenworthy

    Assistant Director of ICT and Digital
    Hull City Council

  • Shumailla Dar

    Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
    Harrow Council

  • Sarah Davies

    Director of Corporate Services
    Lancaster City Council

  • Melanie Rose

    Head of IT Service Management
    London Borough of Tower Hamlets

  • Jonathon Lloyd

    Director of Strategy
    London Borough of Waltham Forest

  • Ben Goward

    Director of IT
    London Borough of Harrow

  • Kat Sexton

    Head of Digital
    North Northamptonshire Council

  • Laura Butterworth

    Interim Director of Community Safety and Resilience
    London Borough of Waltham Forest

  • Llewelyn Morgan

    Head of Innovation
    Oxford County Council

  • Manjula Pintoria

    Digital Transformation Project Manager
    West London Alliance

  • Richard Small

    Intelligent Automation Lead
    Suffolk County Council


Workforce, skills & wellbeing

2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for staff across the NHS. The wider global context has also bought with it vital discussions around diversity. It’s vital that the sector comes together to understand how healthcare workers from all backgrounds can be developed and uplifted in such trying times. Our speakers will be exploring:


The pressure of the pandemic has seen many healthcare organisations make massive strides in automation they may never have thought possible. Next-level AI and RPA programmes have been deployed at pace to ease growing demand on the healthcare system. Our speakers will be exploring:

Innovation & improvement

Continuous innovation and improvement in healthcare is vital no matter what the circumstances. But as external pressures shift and change, so much the sector’s approach to continuous improvement. Our speakers will be exploring:

Telehealth & virtual care models

COVID has shown us what is possible when it comes to delivering care virtually – and it’s vital to consider what we can learn from this and carry forward into the future. Whether technology, process or care-driven, the conversation around virtual care is evolving. Our speakers will be exploring: