• Angie Ridgwell

    Chief Executive Officer
    Lancashire City Council

  • Rachael Shimmin

    Chief Executive Officer
    Buckinghamshire Council

  • Wallace Sampson OBE

    Chief Executive Officer
    Harrogate Borough Council

  • Andrew Kerr OBE

    Chief Executive Officer
    City of Edinburgh Council

  • Cheryl Doran

    CIO & Assistant Director of IT and Digital
    Birmingham City Council

  • Kate Waterhouse

    Chief Information Officer
    Bury Council

  • Geoff Raw

    Chief Executive Officer
    Brighton and Hove City Council

  • Dionne Lowndes

    Chief Digital and Technology Officer
    Southwark Council

  • Bobby Mulheir

    Assistant Director of Customer Experience, Digital and ICT
    Bracknell Forest Council

  • Phil Swan

    Director for Digital
    Greater Manchester Combined Authority

  • Paul Simpson

    Chief Executive Officer
    Derby City Council

  • Tracey Connage

    Director of HR and OD
    London Borough of Harrow

  • Philip Gregory

    Chief Financial Officer
    London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

  • Polly Cook

    Chief Officer, Sustainable Energy and Air Quality
    Leeds County Council

  • Luisa Fulci

    Director of Digital, CUstomer & Commercial Services
    Dudley Council

  • Trevor Dorling

    Director of Smart Cities
    Royal Borough of Greenwich

  • Jacqui Gedman

    Chief Executive Officer
    Kirklees Council

  • Rehana Ramesh

    Head of Digital Transformation
    London Borough of Brent

  • Mike Weston

    Assistant Director of ICT
    Sheffield City Council

  • Emma Moore

    Chief Operating Officer
    City of London Corporation

  • Stephen Gabriel

    Executive Director – Communities and People
    Oxford City Council

  • Karl Grocock

    Assistant Director of Digital and ICT
    Gloucestershire County Council

  • Richard Grice

    Transformational Director
    Nottingham City Council

  • Tony Galloway

    Director of Environment
    Harrow Council

  • Ian Miller

    Chief Executive Officer
    Wyre Forest District Council

  • Dr Deborah Smart

    Corporate Director for Digital & Change
    Dorset Council

  • Natasa Patterson

    Director of Resident Experience and Digital 
    London Borough of Lambeth

  • Yogita Popat

    Assistant Director of Sustainability & Insight
    London Borough of Barnet


Workforce, skills & wellbeing

2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for staff across the NHS. The wider global context has also bought with it vital discussions around diversity. It’s vital that the sector comes together to understand how healthcare workers from all backgrounds can be developed and uplifted in such trying times. Our speakers will be exploring:


The pressure of the pandemic has seen many healthcare organisations make massive strides in automation they may never have thought possible. Next-level AI and RPA programmes have been deployed at pace to ease growing demand on the healthcare system. Our speakers will be exploring:

Innovation & improvement

Continuous innovation and improvement in healthcare is vital no matter what the circumstances. But as external pressures shift and change, so much the sector’s approach to continuous improvement. Our speakers will be exploring:

Telehealth & virtual care models

COVID has shown us what is possible when it comes to delivering care virtually – and it’s vital to consider what we can learn from this and carry forward into the future. Whether technology, process or care-driven, the conversation around virtual care is evolving. Our speakers will be exploring: