LGPN Conference

By 2080, 85% of the world’s global population will reside in a city. The need for connected, data-driven, climate-conscious, ‘Smart Cities’ which hold people and nature at their heart has never been more important.


Councils also have a leading role to play in addressing climate change. Many councils have made the commitment to become carbon neutral by 2050, and for some, even earlier. How we live, work and travel is increasingly vital to achieving carbon neutrality, raising living standards and ensuring we have strong and resilient communities.


All these factors are strongly shaped by technology; Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digital Twins and the Internet of Things (IoT) will become fundamental to the future of any council. How councils manage, interpret, visualise, and integrate data will be crucial to success.


So how should councils start on this journey?


Hitachi Solutions is a global consultancy that provides business transformation through digital, data, and technology solutions. We currently partner with 45 government organisations, helping them address some of their most critical environmental, social and citizen related challenges; enabling change through technology.


Working in partnership with Westminster City Council’s (WCC) Digital and Innovation service, we established a strategic pillar for delivering a Smart City operating system. The goal was to develop an Air Quality dashboard which aggregated the data from sensors, with a range of other data sources, enabling data to be visualised and valued like never before.


On 22nd June at LGPN North, Hitachi Solutions and WCC, will explain how their approach to establishing a Smart City operating system is integral to transitioning and empowering communities and businesses to a net zero future. This transformative local action will not only result in added social value, it will drive innovation and pave the way for the council towards net zero by 2040.