LGPN Conference

LGPN N 24 Speakers

  • Cliff Dean

    Chief Information Officer
    North Kesteven District Council and West Lindsey District Council

  • John Morrisy

    Director of Organisational Development and Change
    Lancashire County Council

  • Madeline Hoskin

    Assistant Director Technology
    North Yorkshire Council

  • Andrew Carter

    Assistant Director of Digital, Data and Technology
    Bury Council

  • Michelle Burton

    Head of Employment and Skills
    West Yorkshire Combined Authority

  • Ade Marques

    Head of Digital and ICT Delivery
    Reading Borough Council

  • Alison May

    Assistant Director of Skills and Employment
    Lambeth Council

  • Dave Richardson

    Chief Information Officer
    Newark and Sherwood District Council

  • Rocco Labellarte

    Chief Technology and Information Officer
    Oxford City Council

  • Fran Lautman

    Head of Digital and ICT Delivery
    Reading Borough Council

  • Daniel Mouawad

    Chief Executive Officer
    Spelthorne Borough Council

  • Nicola Harvey

    Service Director – Customer and Digital Services
    Edinburgh City Council

  • Kate Waterhouse

    Executive Director (Strategy and Transformation)
    Bury Council

  • Anthony Baxter

    Head of Business Change and ICT
    South Derbyshire Council