LGPN Conference

Testimonials List

  • I need to make myself available to learn what other trusts are doing, while being present in my own trust.

    Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
  • I believe it is incumbent upon all of us as senior health leaders to offer strategic direction, that goes without saying. But we also need to amplify curiosity, agility and a passion to improve, fostering commitment in the art of the possible.

    King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • The only thing that’s going to be constant now is change. Trusts and staff need to be ready for whatever the future brings and sharing best practice between trusts, safely, is an important part of the solution.

    Medway NHS Foundation Trust
  • As NHS trusts, the need to collaborate and learn from each other has never been stronger. But neither has our need to reduce unnecessary social interaction as a society.

    Paul Bytheway
    Chief Operating Officer
    University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Foundation Trust
  • Events like the Healthcare Partnership Network are really important in bringing together senior leaders both from the industry and from the NHS, because you can start to see the connections that people are making. There’s a lot of synergy and energy around being able to look at a product a company has to offer and being able to relate that to what happens in the NHS.

    Paula Head
    Chief Executive
    University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust